Thursday, 24 January 2013

Long time no blog

Yes, we've been slack at posting things recently.  If you've been following us on flickr or facebook, you might have caught some of what we've been doing.  A summary:

  1. We went tramping to Waitawheta Hut just before Christmas.  We had a lovely walk and a refreshing swim in the river near the hut.
  2. We went tramping to Mangetepopo Hut just after Christmas.  It rained quite a lot overnight and our tents leaked.  So we didn't stay for the second night as planned (we had planned to try and get up to Red Crater - that got cut back to just a walk up past Soda Springs).
  3. We had just over a week camping at Waikawau Bay in the northern Coromandel Peninsula.  It's a beautiful beach with a lovely campground.  (even if it is really really large - it's the biggest DOC campground in the country... apparently 1400 people were in there sometime between Christmas and New Year).

That's a very quick summary of some of the things we've been up to - those are the ones we have photos posted for anyway!

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